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Roof Grade

Roof Grade is the very highest grade that is produced. Roof Grade is the premium grade, all clear wood in the exposed area. No chance of leaking because of any imperfections. Roof Grade is the same quality in the shingles and shakes. There is however a higher Roof Grade in shingles. It is called Roof Grade Extra Clear. What extra clear means is that the shingle is clear 12”. The shingle is still only exposed 5” to the weather.

The 12” of clear wood on the shingle is just a little bit of added insurance, because a shingle is only 3/8” thick. If one splits or is damaged in a storm there is still 7” more of clear wood under the broken shingle. Shakes do not require an extra clear grade because a shake is so thick it will not get damaged very easily.

Cedar shingles and shakes are the only form of roofing material that actually adds strength to the structure. All other forms of roofing material are surfacing material only, and impose a dead load on the roof. The bridging effect of shingles and shakes on a roof produce a gain in absolute strength. Shakes add 7 lbs per square foot, and shingles can add 4 lbs per square foot.

Wall Grade

Wall Grade is the middle of the road grade. It does not have the all clear wood in the exposed area. The defects that are in the exposed area are what are called “live knots.” Live knots are all solid knots. The knots will not fall out; they will not break.

The knots will give a home owner that characteristic look that is similar to knotty pine. The quality of the wall grade is just as high as the roof grade.

All the shingles and shakes in this grade are all sawn true and square.

Wall Grade #2

Wall Grade #2 is the 2nds from Wall Grade production. They are the shingles and shakes that could have black knots, and large knots in them. This grade gives projects a rustic look.

The Wall Grade #2 is sawn with the same quality as the Roof Grade and Wall Grade.