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Our Hand-Split Shakes

We have added the old traditional hand–split cedar shakes to our product line. Our hand-split shakes can be made in any size or length desired. They are machine split so you don’t get the large inconsistency of size that you get with other hand–split manufacturers. We talked to a lot of our customers while we were developing this product. They all said the same thing. “So hard to do a roof with hand-split shakes when one side of the shakes measures 1” thick and the other side is ¼” thick. We have a hard time keeping the roof from leaking and from bugs and snow blowing up under”

We at Dow’s Eastern White Shingles & Shakes listened. All of our hand-split shakes are very consistent from side to side. Giving our customers a very traditional looking hand-split roof or wall with the quality and reliability of a sawn shake.

Our standard hand split specifications are: 18 inches long with a 3/4-inch butt, we guarantee that one square of our hand-split shakes laid 6 inches to the weather will cover 100 sq/ft or an area 10’ x 10’.

If you have a custom size you would like made let us know. We can replicate it.

If you would like a sample let us know and we can send them out for you to see.

We also have Fire Retardant available for all roof shingles and shakes.

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