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Why Use Our Product

Our Cedar shingles are a long lasting natural solution to your roofing and siding needs. They add sales appeal and value to your residential and commercial buildings and other projects. Our Cedar shingles are sawn from Northern Maine White Cedar, and are sawn square the first time; no need for re-squared and re-butted. We can custom saw our Cedar Shakes to any length up to 24" at almost any thickness desired.

Cedar shingles and shakes are made from a renewable resource. They also provide additional insulation benefits, lowering your heating and cooling costs, especially in states like Maine where the climate is fairly chilly for most of the year. Our cedar shingles have an R-7 insulation factor, while an R-12 insulation factor can be found in our Cedar shakes.

Where warmth, durability, beauty and natural coloration are desire, our Cedar shingles and shakes are ideal for any roofing or siding project.

Our product is available in Roof Grade, Wall Grade with solid knots, or our popular rustic Wall Grade #2. Regardless of your requirements, we can meet them with Premium quality cedar shingles and shakes at a reasonable price.